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Can We Talk?

Another Bloodbath in a US School

When will the madness end?  When will some brave politician finally outlaw those weapons?  When will somebody finally stand up to the NRA?  Cowards.  There’s no use giving condolences and prayers.  The children are DEAD.  I know if it were one of my children gunned down in that senseless way, I would go insane. 

Don’t give me that crap about guns don’t kill – people do.  Guns are deadly.  In a moment of passion or fury or whatever, guns do their deadly work very efficiently. They must be outlawed, plain and simple.  Gunshops must be put out of business.  Period. 

Every time we drive through the US, I am shocked at the ease with which anyone can get a firearm.  Billboards advertising gun shops.  Big signs over those shops letting you know where to get your weapon of choise.  It’s criminal.  It’s barbaric.  Face it, it’s a country where war is glamorized.  Every dead soldier is called a hero.  It’s a very sick society. 

God help them all.

It starts with the media where “action” movies are lauded.  With the new technology, you can see a man’s brains splatter on the wall behind him.  That’s OK, it seems.  Last night we were watching “Saturday Night Fever” on ACM and all the f words were bleeped out.  Seems that using the f word is a no-no but murder, with all it’s intimate details, is fine.

Good Night.

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