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Can We Talk?

Barak Obama is My Man

Barak Obama is perfect.  His mother white, his father black, spent formative years in another culture, exposed to other religions, brilliant lawyer, socially conscientious, inspiring orator, statesman qualities, sound judgement.  His one problem is that he insists on keeping the high road.  No low-life gutter politicking for him.  That may hurt him in the end.

It would be nice to have a respected and respectful statesman in the White House, for a change.  I’m so tired of the loud-mouthed war mongers.  You want your people safe from harm?  STOP MAKING ENEMIES!  START MAKING FRIENDS – REAL FRIENDS – not the kind that do your dirty work for you and, when you no longer need them, you arrest them on trumped-up charges, or even kill them.  Stop electing gangsters like the Bush’s, senior and junior.

I just wish I could vote for Barak but I’m Canadian.

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