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September 3/08 Wednesday

Hansi came to pick us up at 7AM to drive us to Lubljana and train station to Salzburg. We had breakfast at McDonald’s. Sure is different from home McDonald’s here. It had a cafe feel with nice tables and chairs. Awesome coffee and they brought our Big Mac’s to the table. I bought tickets – 2nd class – I thought I’d try it out. After all, we’re not going far. Hansi stayed with us until we boarded the train. What a guy.

There were a group of of students on the train. I am guessing they were going to Munich to school. They were cute and full of giggles. We had a hell of a time lifting those big sucker suitcases on the rack. The train ride was nice. Very scenic. Charlie had not seen the alps before this. He was in awe – in total awe. I was glad we had the opportunity to see for ourselves. I used to tell him about the high medows and how the Rockies didn’t have them and that Alpine country was far different. Now, he saw for himself.

When we got to Salzburg, Charlie had the bright idea to walk to the hotel from the train station. It must have been 90F. We were sweating buckets. My feet hurt and I was mad at him. Got into hotel. What a rip-off. The room was so tiny, it was giving me claustrophobia. I nearly tripped over the step to go into the bathroom. Never mind. It’s only one night, €140. What a rip.

We were right pissed off but decided to go outside and look for a place to eat. We found one – The Pitter Keller. €46.80 and worth every penny. We felt better then. It was lovely, a courtyard with a canopy of trees. Really lovely. Tomorrow is the Eagle’s Nest Tour. That’s why we’re here.

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