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Can We Talk?

Breast Cancer

I don’t know any woman who isn’t terrified of getting breast cancer – me included – particularly when I was younger.  It’s terrible to think that a symbol of femininity gets lopped off. 

“Studies show” all sorts of things.  Some claim carrying extra weight increases your risk.  Some claim smoking increases your risk.  Some claim eating meat increases your risk.  Nobody claims taking the birth control pill increases your risk.  Nobody.  Wouldn’t want to put the pharmaceutical companies at risk, now would we?

I’m no scientist but it seems to make some sense that when we put extra hormones into our systems, there has to be a side effect somewhere down the road.  Not in all cases, of course.  That would be too simple.  Didn’t everyone sing the praises of hormone replacement therapy to relieve menopausal symptoms?  Then, some years later, didn’t “studies show”, it greatly increased your chances of getting cancer or stroke or some other scary thing?  I say the less foreign matter you put into your body, the better.

I would very much like to have some independent studies taking place.  I’d like them to do a survey of women on the pill and for how many years and how many of them contracted breast cancer.  If the study is done by a pharmaceutical company, it’s worthless.  It has to be neutral in every way.  Let’s hope it will happen one day.

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