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Can We Talk?

Baby Boy Comes Home

I was so proud of myself. I actually lost all my baby weight in the hospital and came home slim. I was weak, though. The stitches hurt and I had lower back pain. But the suitcase was packed and husband was there to pick us up and take us home.

As soon as we got home, husband snapped. He started to scream, threw the suitcase down, the baby started to cry and so did I. I was confused. I thought this ought to be a happy moment. Instead, I was made to feel guilty for having our son. It didn’t make any sense. He behaved so strangely, as though he resented this other little person coming into his life.

In the middle of the tirade, friend Margaret walked in and comforted me. She claimed her husband behaved in the same exact way. She helped me to set up the change table. She helped me with the formula. I don’t know what I would have done without her, at that time. Read more…

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Having a Baby

It was getting close to Christmas, my family was coming to stay with us for a couple of weeks. I was pregnant out to there but the baby just didn’t want to come out just yet. Every day, I’d walk and walk, climb hills and generally do everything I could think of to make it happen. Finally, my doctor admitted me to hospital and proceeded with the saline drip to induce labour.

I checked into hospital on the Sunday night. Monday morning, I got the usual shave and enema as such were the indignities we had to endure at that time. At 9AM the drip began. It was a bit of a pain because I had to get up and take that whole tree with me whenever I went to the bathroom. Just the same, I managed.

All day long there were a string of visitors. One of the girls decided to put makeup on me because she felt it was proper to greet the new baby looking one’s best. Read more…

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The Re-enactment

So, after having been so impressed with my niece’s grace and beauty at her “wedding”, I discovered she had already married him two days prior and this was just – what? A ruse? A joke on the rest of us? What? A re-enactment, that’s what. I resent it. It shows lack of respect. And the creepy minister was in on it, too.

She told her mother she had wanted a small, intimate wedding. Then, have your small, intimate wedding. Then why have a big affair? To suck bigger presents out of an unsuspecting group? Well, she didn’t succeed with me. I gave what I would have given in any case. But others spent bundles, that I know.

Starting a marriage like that is bad karma, but it’s her karma. On the other hand, I just read this about another wedding I thought was even more bizarre.

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Opposites Attract

Lest there be any misunderstandings, opposites attract virtually all the time.

Case in point:

We were at my niece’s wedding yesterday. It was a beautiful September afternoon.

The sun came out but ever so gently. It was a relief that the infernal heat of the summer had finally morphed into a warm and pleasant late summer afternoon.

The wedding was held in the country at a “North Italian Banquet Centre”. The “altar” was under a canopy of vines and climbing flowers. It was a beautiful setting. While waiting for the proceedings, we were entertained by chamber music. Read more…

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I love my son, but then, he’s forty. I love being with him. He has a great sense of humour and a real zest for life. However, looking back to when he was a baby and later, a toddler and still later, a teenager, it was all absorbing. Man, it was boring and later, just plain stressful. Still, I would not have missed the experience. But I’d never do it again. Read more…

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