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Can We Talk?

In Love With a Six Year Old?

I’ve never understood why some men lust children. Hell, they haven’t finished cooking yet. What is it that is so attractive to them? Take that Ramsey girl, for instance. When her mother didn’t dress her up like a twenty year old, she was just another kid – spoiled, probably. Come to think of it, what was her mother thinking? Was dressing her up like playing with Barbie dolls, only a living one? Well, that can’t be it. Barbie is tall and thin and all grown up. Isn’t she? (I was never one for dolls. I liked my teddy bear when I was a kid. What kid? I still do)

I think it’s disgusting for women to take their little girls, put makeup on them, dress them up like grown women and parade them in front of a crowd. Those women need to be horse whipped and then sent to a shrink to find out what possessed them.

Children – boys and girls – need to be protected and nurtured. The odd time, they need to be disciplined to keep them in line and to let them know the world out there requires stepping into line. It won’t change for little Tommy or Susie. There’s nothing wrong with spanking children. They will always try to push the envelope to see how much further they can get away with things. And don’t forget – nobody likes a spoiled brat. Nobody wants them to spend time with their kids and they don’t even want the parents of spoiled brats to visit.

I remember one family. Take a nice Sunday afternoon. The house is clean, and everybody is happy. Into the driveway pulls that dreaded family – mother, father, two kids in the back seat.

Being a good hostess, I smile and open the door. The kids waste no time and head upstairs where they promptly start throwing toys around and making a mess and yelling. Meanwhile, the parents make themselves comfortable in the living room, drinks in hand and turn a deaf ear to the noise.

One time, I got so mad. I’d been upstairs several times, telling the brats to keep the noise down and play nicely. They just ignored me. So I finally grabbed the ring-leader and hit him on the arm. Well, you should have been there. He was crying and running to his mother. “She hit me”. I made no appologies. If they don’t like it, they can leave right now, I thought. Guess what? They just kept sitting there and drinking.

I can’t remember them ever coming back, but I might be mistaken.

But to get back to the Ramsey girl. Her mother put her in harm’s way by parading her like a circus horse. Let that be a lesson to all you weird mothers out there. Keep your daughters home where they’re safe. Let them be children. Childhood is short as it is and the real world will be waiting there, soon enough.

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