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Can We Talk?

Exercising in School

Well, I should hope so. 

When I was a young girl in Austria, I couldn’t wait to start school.  I so wanted to learn.  Before I came of age, I used to look in the school windows, wishing I could be in class with the other children.  When the day actually came, I headed out alone.  My mother and step-father, unbeknownst to me, followed me, hiding behind trees and bushes.  I had to cross a busy street.  For months, we’d practiced crossing streets.  Looking left and right etc. 

One of the best times at school was spent in gymnastics.  We had so much fun, what with the horse and all.  Then came the front rolls.  Oh it was so much fun.

One of our classes involved learning to knit.  We then had a project – to knit a pair of gym shorts.  Yes, knit.  Well, I didn’t know much about knitting, so mother had to help but most of it was done by me.

The day came when we had to wear what we knitted.  You should have seen us.  Mine had one leg longer than the other.  Some of the girls had shorts that looked more like skirts.  Some of them were wonderful.  You had to know they had a lot of help from their mothers or grandmothers.  All in all, we continued to wear what we knitted.  It was an all girl school so we didn’t have to feel embarrassed around boys.

When we came to Canada, mother was shocked that there was no gym program in any of the schools I attended.  Oh sure, we had recess but that’s not good enough.  We should have had structured instructions but we were too busy pledging our allegiance to the friggin’ queen – but that’s another story.

So, all this hoo ha about how kids are getting obese is understandable.  It’s not so much what they eat, although junk food is bad, as we all know.  But look at this – how much time is spent on the computer?  We do all our work on them.  All the research, or most of it, is done on the computer either at home or at the library.  And that’s not counting all the games and chat rooms etc.  Oh, our fingers get a work-out but not our bodies.  What does this all mean.  Come on, do I have to spell it out to you?  Mandatory gym should be mandatory throughout grade and high school.  After that, you’re on you own.

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