Can We Talk?

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Can We Talk?

Freedom of Speech – Define

I’m confused.  If we have freedom of speech, why does a person go to jail if he denies the Holocaust?  Isn’t he free to deny it if he wants? 

And if we actually have freedom of speech, why is it that we suddenly have the Politically Correct police hounding us?  So, we’re free to say anything provided it is allowed by those in positions of power.  Instead of PC, why don’t children and adults alike teach tact?  Example: Do these jeans make me look fat?  Tactful answer: No you don’t look fat.  You are a voluptuous and sexy woman.  But if those jeans really don’t do anything for her, tell her.  It might just be the cut or, then again, she might really be too fat to wear them.  In that case, the short answer could be “yes”. 

Whatever happened to voluptuous?  Once upon a time being voluptuous was desired.  Now, it seems you have to look like you’ve just been released from a concentration camp.  Bones sticking out everywhere.  Naturally, you have no bosom so they insert a silicone bag where a bosom should be.  Now don’t get me wrong.  Occasionally there is a woman whose bosoms just never developed.  I should think she’d be a good candidate for augmentation.  Other than that, forget it.

How about teaching evolution?  Why the hue and cry? Freedom of speech?  I think not.

I have to tell you, if I had any say, I would absolutely outlaw all religion.  Absolutely.  Why?  Because all religion is evil.  Religion is divisive.  Religion teaches one thing and, those that teach it, do another.  (Oh I forgot, they blame the devil, don’t they?)  Religion teaches distrust and hatred.  More wars have been fought over religious beliefs than anything else.  It is used as an excuse by the warmongers of this earth – and you know who you are – to invade and murder people of a different religion, for personal gain.

Some people claim that without religion there would be no morals.  How do you teach a child right from wrong without religion?  Easy.  You teach by example.  You teach the basic law of treating others as you would like to be treated.  It’s so easy.  Maybe it’s just too easy. 
I tend to ramble so I’d better quit before this post becomes silly.

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