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Can We Talk?

Husbands – A Pain in the Wahoosy

Most of the time, I love my husband. We’ve been together a long time. We like most of the same things although I vote Liberal and he votes Conservative. He thinks marriage is forever and I don’t like the word “forever”. Sounds like a jail term. I prefer to feel I’m in this relationship because I want to be – not because I have to be. We are both neat and clean freaks. We are both pro-choice and we believe in the right to die. We like experimenting with foods from all over the world. The list goes on.

But, you knew it was coming, didn’t you? Our decorating sense is totally opposite. Well, we used to agree until we moved into this condo with 10 foot ceilings and wrap-around windows. You can’t decorate it in the normal way. It’s much more like a loft. He doesn’t understand that. We almost came to blows today.

I have to say, I tricked him into driving to Spadina. I knew if I told him what I had in mind, it would have been a battle from the get go. This way, we were already in Chinatown before I sprang the news on him. I wanted to buy more of the bamboo blinds and take down those god-awful sheers. We have windows that span about 180 degrees. I am trying to create a semi-Oriental feel in the great room. I’m not much interested in soft materials (fabric). He is. I don’t like drapes. He does. One day, I’d like to have wooden shutters installed everywhere. For now, we have to settle for bamboo shades. To my mind, they look good and they do the job. For their weight they are exceptionally strong. The sun is evil in the summer. The wooden shutters would keep the sun from burning everything in it’s path. The blinds do an OK job. Not great but way better than sheers.

I got my way but he was not happy.  Oh, no.  And he kept it up for hours.  I ignored him.  I got my way and that’s all that counts.  In case you want to know, they look wonderful.  Just the look I wanted for very little money.

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