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Illegal Immigration From First Nations Point of View

A thought just struck me – what about the population of the Americas?  Aren’t we all illegal immigrants?  The native people did not give the settlers and looters permission, did they?  And they kept coming, ship after ship full of folks looking to grab what they can.  Permission, titles, grants came from their home country.  Kind of makes you chuckle – in a crazy sort of way – doesn’t it?  The natives were just overwhelmed and overrun by these palefaces.  They didn’t have a chance. 

However, I predict that in the years ahead, they will take over.  You can see it now.  They are now educated and have accumulated some wealth.  They are using the law of the land to their advantage.  The reservations, which initally were created to put the natives on designated land and, therefore, away from the palefaces and their daughters, now have the power to run their own businesses including gambling, banking, all manner of services.  In short, they are getting rich and with riches comes power.

If you live near a successfuly run reservation, you hire their services.  For example, say you need carpeting or flooring.  Hire a native contractor working from the reservation and you save the taxes.  Furthermore, since they don’t have to pay sales taxes, they buy their materials cheaper and pass the savings on.  You can save yourself a bundle by dealing with native businesses.  So, let’s support native industry.

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