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Interior Designers Bug Me

Why, you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you.  They always go for the trendy nonsense instead of what’s practical. 

Case in point.  The tucked-in top sheet and blanket/coverlet/comforter – whatever.  I don’t know about you but I hate anything tucked in.  I don’t care how tight the fitted sheet is, when you start tugging at the top sheet and blanket to get into bed, the fitted sheet becomes loose.  As a result it forms folds.  I like my sheet to be tight, rather like the army where they bounce a penny on it.

I like how the Europeans do it.  The comforter is encased in an envelope.  Nothing is tucked anywhere.  It makes for a comfortable sleep and easy bed-making.  I really don’t like top sheets.  I don’t want to have to struggle with two layers of bedding when I’m tired and just want to get into bed. 

Another thing.  Night table lamps.  Can’t stand them.  I have never found one that I can read by.  I don’t care what kind of shade you have on it, the light comes from the wrong direction.  When I sit in bed reading, I like the light to shine on the page not on the box of Kleenex I keep on my night table.  Why can’t the designers see that?  No sense – just blindly following the guy ahead of them.

And what about those beds made up with up to thirteen or more pillows?  Where do you put those pillows when going to bed?  I guess you throw them on the floor. Of course, lately I’ve been seeing just two – one on top of the other but the ones shown were flat and looked like they were made out of foam.  Bad.  Very, very bad.

One more thing.  What’s with the 20″ thick mattresses?  How is that more comfortable than the old time 6 inch mattress?  It’s not and it’s a pain in the ass to get the fitted sheet on because you cannot lift the corners to tuck in the sheet.  So you struggle and sweat.  This should be easy.  It’s not.  I bought one of those mattresses recently and had to buy new sheets too because my old ones didn’t fit.

My ideal dressed bed is described like this.  When I look at it, it beckons me to jump in.  It looks inviting and cushy and comfy.  The light is wall mounted with a swing arm so as to position the light above my book for reading and swings back for general lighting.  The douvet/comforter is covered with a douvet cover and not tucked in anywhere.

Sounds simple and it is so why are we coerced into doing things that are impracticle because some lame-brain designer decided the bedroom needed a new look?

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