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Can We Talk?

John McCain, the “Great American”?

Am I the only one sick and tired of hearing what a “great American” John McCain is?  Why?  Because he was shot down and held prisoner of war?  So what?  How about all the other thousands of men held as prisoners of war?  Does that mean they should all become President?  Does that mean they are all “great Americans”? 

Get real. 

McCain can’t even inspire a hungry dog to come for a bone.  Even Joe the plumber doesn’t heed his call.  He is boring.  He makes no sense.  Imagine talking to crowds of struggling Americans and telling them there is no way he’d ever increase taxes on big business nor lower theirs.  Perhaps he’s afraid he’d have to share his wealth. What an idiot.

So when Obama and others call McCain a great American, my high school Shakespeare “Julius Caesar” comes to mind.  To quote Mark Antony, “They are honorable men.  They are all honourable men” referring to the assassins. 

Never speak ill of a man when he’s down.  Those who have read books on “one-upsmanship” know that’s exactly when you should kick him.  Obama is a gentleman and a scholar and would never do that.  I’m not sure I could hold myself back.  Go, Obama.  Down with McCain.

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