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Can We Talk?

Last Night I Dreamed of Bismarck

No, not the submarine or Otto von, but my dog, Bismarck, a beautiful German Sheppard – long deceased. I don’t know why I dreamed of him but it was so real. I was walking him in the park beside our house after dinner, along with all the other dog owners and their dogs. He was so well trained and fiercely loyal to me, in his lifetime.

The trouble with dogs is that their life span is very short. Fourteen years is about all you can hope to have them and then they pass away. When they do, your heart breaks into pieces. You think you will never recover – but you do. While alive, they will guard you with their lives. They will protect you from all that may harm you. In return, all they ask for is food and love. They give you unconditional love. They don’t care how you look, dress, smell, rich or poor. They will lick your face first thing in the morning when you have morning breath. Where else can you find such devotion? Not even parents give such unconditional love. At least, mine didn’t.

Somehow, Bismarck always knew when I was sick or sad. He would sit at my feet and look at me. He’d put his head in my lap and look at me. He knew when I was happy and would bounce around, looking oh so happy himself.

Why he appeared in my dream last night, I don’t know. After so many years, for him to be so real to me. Wherever he is, I hope he is safe and happy and loved.

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