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Can We Talk?

Let’s Talk About Hair

We all love it, spend a fortune on it, color it, trim it, wear it up, wear it down and all around.  Men lose it – women keep it.  Men admire a flowing mane.  Most men prefer long hair on their women so they can run their fingers through it.  But then, they don’t have to deal with it, either.

Now let’s talk about pubic hair.  Aha, I thought that would get your attention.  We girls get it when the hormones start pumping – in other words, puberty – and lose it when they stop – in other words, menopause.  In the time in between, we shave it, bleach it, pluck it – oh the pain we endure.  Why do we do it?  Why do women feel they have to be hairless.  Seems to me, the history behind it must be to prevent crab lice from making their home in a warm, moist place.  Crab lice.  Disgusting just to write it down.

Not just women, of course.  Every human has warm, moist places.

Oh, but let’s get away from lice, shall we?

In fact, hair is a sign of fertility.  The more hair, the more fertile.  In Europe in days gone by, women did not shave, they celebrated their hair, be it under the arms, on the legs or in the pubic area.  It was a sign they were ready to bear babies.  Meanwhile in North America, it’s been mandatory to be clean shaven in all those places.  Now, even the men are getting in the act.  I shake my head in wonder.

You don’t see women in their fifties and sixties with body hair.  No.  After menopause, the hair slowly disappears  until only a few strands are left as a reminder of the fertility that was.  On the plus side, no more painful wax treatments or shaving.  With all the problems of being a woman, at least we were blessed with a full head of hair even if the rest fall out or grow in places they never did before – like the chin or around the mouth.

Of course, having used up all their eggs, they no longer ovulate, ergo no possibility of pregnancy.  Once that happens, the desire for sex dissipates.  In fact, it can be very uncomfortable – even painful. What is a man to do?  Get over it.

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