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Can We Talk?


I watched an interesting movie today.  It starred Walter Matthau.  It was about getting old and all the associated problems.  The plot is not important.  What was of interest to me was the part about smoking marijuana.  One of the elderly gentlemen had cataracts and glaucoma.  Toking gave him his eyesight back, if only for as long as the marijuana was in his system. 

So why all the hype about it?  If it has medicinal qualities, then you should be able to buy it anywhere.  Are the drug companies that paranoid that they won’t let something that grows naturally be available to one and all? 

I think is should be controlled.  I wouldn’t want the school kids buying this stuff at the 711, toking and then falling asleep in class.  That is drug abuse. 

I wish I’d had it when I was mentruating and having those terrible and debilitating cramps.  I used to load up on 222’s and Tylenol with codein.  I could just as easily have toked and fallen asleep instead of suffering the way I did.

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