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Marrying for Love

Oh boy, here’s another thing that bugs me. I know this beautiful young woman. She’s tall, slim, very smart, a university grad. Sounds good so far, right? Suppose that same young woman meets this guy who has no secondary school education, washes cars for a living and dreams of becoming a radio personality because someone told him he had a good voice. Oh, I forgot. He does the DJ gigs at nightclubs. She had dreamed of becoming a doctor but Gino, we’ll call him, disuaded her, put her down, wined and dined her and, of course, screwed her ass off. She let her hormones do the thinking for her, slacked off on her courses, barely passed and ended up shelving the idea of studying medicine. Instead, she settled for a job at a bank.

So, guess what? She’s going to marry this Gino. She is actually going to marry him. Go figure. No point in trying to talk her out of it. It’s all set and the showers have begun. Thank God she’s not my daughter. 

Marrying for love alone is not a real good idea if you’re planning to have a family. Love does not conquer all. So, we’ll just sit back and see what happens. Hopefully, she’ll wait a few years before starting a family. See how it all works out after the fanfare of the wedding is only a memory.

Fast forward.  It is now December 2010 and this girl and Gino have been divorced for 2 1/2 years.  Most of the wedding presents were not even unpacked.  Luckily, there are no children but something has changed in her.  She left the bank and went to teacher’s college, then taught in South Korea for a year.  She is presently in England teaching science. 

So, what can you say to that?  It was a huge wedding – a costly wedding.  They’d even bought a house.  As they were splitting up, it was just about the time the housing market took a nosedive.  They basically lost the house and all that money that family contributed towards the down payment and furnishings –  Gone.

Something else – her prettiness is gone, too.  Maybe she just doesn’t care.  Maybe she is drinking too much.  Who knows?  Sad.

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