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Can We Talk?

McCain and Iraq

Honestly, I did not want this blog to turn, yet again, into political rantings.  BUT.  There is McCain bragging about how they’re winning in Iraq and it’s getting so much better and he’s so proud to have been involved.


Since the US had no business invading Iraq in the first place, tell me what McCain has to be proud about.  I am outraged at his remarks.  He should be hanging his head in shame.  Instead he’s proud to have been party to an invasion of a country that was no threat to national security.  Instead he’s proud of killing tens of thousands of Iraqis. 

He’s no better than Bush or Cheney or – oh, I forgot the names of all the other war mongers in that government.  I should think he’d want to distance himself from those murderers.  Instead, he’s proud.

I shake my head in disgust.

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