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My Day in Court

Actually, this morning was the third time I’ve had to appear in court over the same issue. Here are the facts. (The defendant didn’t show up for the previous two sessions.)

In February of 2005, I presented a candidate to company “B”, having first presented him verbally, at which time I was asked to submit his resume which I did. Subsequent phone calls regarding the suitablility of my candidate remained unanswered until I finally got to speak to the Sales Manager who told me that he had printed the resume and given it to the owner. “It’s his call. I don’t know what he did.”

I kind of dropped that after a time, thinking they just didn’t like his resume.

As a matter of course, the following February I sent my candidate an email asking for an updated resume. It was when I got his update that I saw he had been working for company “B” from February of the previous year, right after company “B” having received his resume.

I sent company “B” a nice letter stating that I have just discovered that my candidate has been working for him since a year ago. I enclosed my invoice. I heard nothing. The following month I sent another invoice. I heard nothing. The following month I sent him yet another invoice. After hearing nothing, I sued.

To make a long story short, I won the case. The way Small Claims Court works is that it is up to me to collect the money (almost 10K, in this case). I called my candidate and asked him which bank and branch his paychecks came from. He told me. Charlie went to the bank with the proper papers and that was that. Then he filed with the courts. (It’s a long, involved process).

A week later, we got a call from Small Claims Court to say they have our funds and they will be kept by them for thirty days before releasing them to us. Meanwhile, company “B” has a right to appeal the judgement.

The owner of company “B” did. That is why I spent the time in court this morning. The little worm looked every inch the slimebag he is. Still, he’s given until Dec. 10 to file a defence. A date for a trial will then be determined. The judge looked at the defendant and said that he didn’t think he had much of a case. The judge then turned to me and said the wheels of justice turn slowly. He added a charge of $50.00 for court fees to company “B’s” bill.

The little slimebag slithered out of the court room and we have to wait yet again while the wheels of justice to turn.

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