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Can We Talk?

Obama Made It

I’m just thrilled. 

Between you and me, since Bush senior – skip a president – then Bush junior, I looked at Americans as a whole to be a bunch of red-necked yahoos.  You know the kind – hillbillies.  Oh there were exceptions but, if you were to believe the right-wing holier-than-thou group, the TV shows, the movies, and the news channels, it’s OK to carry guns, shoot first, ask questions later.  Just make sure you’re in church every Sunday and you read that Bible every night.  Hypocrites.  It isn’t by chance there’s a Bible in every hotel and motel in the country.  Why?  Why not a book of poetry or Buddhist chants?

Since Bush II, I had completely written off our neighbour.  I’ve not been back for a vacation since then.  In my opinion, that government is comprised of nothing but a set of murderers and thieves.  They will never pay for their crimes either, you can bet.  About that deck of cards they gloated over? I have my own set I’d like to pass out.

And then, along came Obama.

What a breath of fresh air.  Perhaps because he’d been exposed to another culture.  Perhaps because he’s not a washed-down version of a person of colour – his father was a real Kenyan and his mother was a real white Kansan.  Therefore he hasn’t that chip on his shoulders that so many people of colour have.  He also doesn’t have that weird “black” accent that so many have, either.  In fact, his “blackness” is a non-issue.   What a honey. 

Don’t get me wrong, I like Hillary, but we all know Hillary.  She’s not an unknown.  She’s a Clinton, after all.  She’s extremely capable, extremely smart and a real hard worker but, she’s not a breath of fresh air. 

Now, on the the White House, Barak Obama! 

I’m already planning my next winter vacation.

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