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Can We Talk?

OJ Simpson

I was watching CNN last night.  Fred Goldman and his daughter were being interviewed.  Apparently, OJ has written a book and was interviewed about how he would have killed his wife and lover if he had done it.  I won’t comment until I get a chance to read it.

Good old Fred was in a rage over this – over OJ’s behaviour.  To my surprise, I discovered that OJ had not paid one red penny to Goldman.  If you recall, he’d been sued for wrongful death and lost.  He was to have paid Goldman 33Million.

Here is where my eyes cross.  How is it possible that you can be declared “Not Guilty” in a court of law and then have to face a civil suit?  That doesn’t sound right.  If you’re declared “Not Guilty” then that’s it.  You’re a free person.  How can it be that people can say “I didn’t like that verdict, so I’m going for a civil suit”.  Furthermore, that is only done when the accused has a lot of money.  It’s a money grabber.  You don’t even need a unanimous vote, just a majority. 

So, good old Goldman has had to live without the 33Million he was counting on.  Seems he’s tried going to court but recently that suit was thrown out.  He’s going to try again to get his hands on the proceeds of the book.  Give it up, Goldman.

What I want to know is, who’s paying for Goldman’s legal bills.  We know he doesn’t have any money and these law suits don’t come cheap.  Somebody is paying his bills and I’d love to know who. 

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