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Can We Talk?

Olympic Chaos

Isn’t it awful that these games are used as a battering ram against the Chinese? I’d like to know who is behind all this.  You can be sure it’s not only the Tibetans.  To have riots organized takes money.  It takes money to print signs, it takes money to get the word out.  It takes money to pay the organizers.  This is no voluntary movement. 

So, who is really at the core of this outrageous behaviour?  Just how many Chinese haters are there out there? 

I’ve always found them to be fine upstanding citizens and very hard workers.  They mind their own business but they do get involved in their communities.  They blend faster into Canadian society – unlike, say, East Indians.  Their kids play hockey and take ballet.  There doesn’t seem to be the insistence that we accept them.  They quietly go about their business.  They are generous with their money.  Maybe it’s easy for them.  We all love Chinese food whereas we don’t all love curry.

I hope this silliness will blow over.

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