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Can We Talk?

On Being a Woman

When I was young, I never got warm and fuzzy over babies.  I think I was expected to.  When my sister was born, I was excited.  It was amazing to see a real person in miniature.  Those tiny fingers and toes.  Wow.  I was amazed at how much that tiny being could poop.  HOLY! 

Well, eventually the novelty wore off.  The work involved was too much and became a drag.  Mother and her husband depended on me a lot.  I was almost 13 years old when she was born so I was expected to be the vice-mother.  Well, maybe not but definitely a built-in baby sitter who didn’t get paid because, aren’t we feeding you and dressing you and putting a roof over your head?  Like I said, it was OK until the novelty wore off.  I was, after all, a teenager and had other things on my mind.  Movie stars.  Boys.

By the time I was late teens, I took great pains to stay away from babies.  Some women thought me cold and unfeeling.  Some women thought me weird.  Wasn’t it every woman’s dream to hold a baby?  To have a baby?  No. 

When I was finally married and expecting, I was looking forward to see how this thing growing inside me will look.  Besides, I wanted to experience childbirth.  Like a biology assignment.  Lucky for me, I saw it all.  Since I was in a semi-sitting position at that crucial time, I saw the back of the head first, then the rest of the body.  Baby’s arms flailed up and down feverishly and legs were kicking.  What a kid, even then.  Of course, I had no idea of the sex since I only saw the backside.  When they told me it was a boy, I was so happy for husband.  He wanted a boy more than anything. 

There, project done and I got an A.

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