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Socialized Medicine In The Trent Hills

We’d heard so many horror stories about the lack of doctors in the country.  I don’t know where the stories originated.  There was even a Canadian woman on an American commercial that the Republicans ran over and over.  She claimed she had to go to the US to get medical treatment for something.  I can’t remember what.  Maybe her heart?  She claimed her doctor said there was a two year waiting list for the treatment she needed.  I wonder how much she was paid for that commercial?  She’s a liar of the first order.

When we first moved to the community we looked for a doctor.  We found one right in Hastings but he wasn’t taking new patients.  One of the neighbours told us about the healthcare facility in Campbellford about a fifteen minute drive.  We went there.  It was a busy Trent Hills Family Health Centre across from  the Hospital.  We filled out applications, registered and went home.  A couple of weeks later they called and gave us an appointment to come in.  We saw our appointed doctor and that was it.

Later, we discovered, they run the local healthcare a little differently.  Instead of your appointed doctor seeing you every time, you may see any of the doctors that are on duty that day.  It makes things more efficient.  On top of which, they have nursing practitioners who are probably better than the doctors in some ways.  They certainly take their time.   They are thorough, that’s for sure. 

My husband had been overly enthusiastic about cutting down those terrible Manitoba Maples.  (Don’t confuse them with our beautiful maples) I don’t even know why they’re called maple trees.  Their leaves look more like sumac.  They are ugly and need to be cut in order for the beautiful maples to grow tall and stately. 

During one of those fellings, he twisted his left knee.  Poor fellow.  He was in a lot of pain.  He got one of those knee braces, kept his leg elevated and put on a bag of frozen peas on the injured knee.  That helped a lot but the next time he went out, the same thing happened.  Those peas were mighty popular last summer.

It was discovered that Charlie needed an MRI on his knee.  He got the appointment lickety-split.  The facility was in Cobourg, about a twenty minute drive.  He was impressed.  All that reading he’d been doing in the Toronto papers about our lousy healthcare system turned out to be a lie.  Why do they write such stories?  Goes to show you, don’t believe what you see on TV or read in the paper.  Check it out yourself. 

I’ll tell you, we couldn’t be more impressed with the system.  Oh, and it looks like the Hastings doctor is taking new patients again.  Well, there have been a few deaths recently.  People do get old and die.  No problem using him since he is part of the Trent Hills Family Health System, anyway.   Furthermore, they also have a nurse practitioner working at his facility.  I ran into her at the Campbellford clinic. 

So, there you have it.

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