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Can We Talk?


Last Saturday, I guess it was, when we had the famous 07 07 07 date.  On that day, we were out shopping.  While we were in our favourite bedding store, one of the salesgirls broke out in laughter.  She had been listening to the radio.  It seems that somebody at the racetrack had bet $777.00 on the number 7 horse – and it came in 7th.  God, I bet they didn’t expect that one.  Well, we sure had a good laugh at their expense.  Seems it was also the busiest day for weddings.  Nothing but good luck will befall the happy couples.

This Friday will be the 13th.  Every Friday the 13th, the bikers have a convention in Port Dover.  I, along with two other girls from the camera club will be going.  We leave at 5AM to get there by 7AM.  Shortly after that, the police close the road to car traffic and only motocyles are allowed.  It should be an interesting photo shoot.  I hope.

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