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Can We Talk?

Barak Obama is My Man

Barak Obama is perfect.  His mother white, his father black, spent formative years in another culture, exposed to other religions, brilliant lawyer, socially conscientious, inspiring orator, statesman qualities, sound judgement.  His one problem is that he insists on keeping the high road.  No low-life gutter politicking for him.  That may hurt him in the end.

It would be nice to have a respected and respectful statesman in the White House, for a change.  I’m so tired of the loud-mouthed war mongers.  You want your people safe from harm?  STOP MAKING ENEMIES!  START MAKING FRIENDS – REAL FRIENDS – not the kind that do your dirty work for you and, when you no longer need them, you arrest them on trumped-up charges, or even kill them.  Stop electing gangsters like the Bush’s, senior and junior.

I just wish I could vote for Barak but I’m Canadian.

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The Trouble With Clinton

She’ll never change.  With her it’s always knee-jerk reactions.  Like the latest – telling Bush to boycott the Olympics.  Now granted, he is (in my opinion) a war criminal and nobody is anxious to have him around but that’s not the point.  Instead of being on the side of the athletes who worked long and hard, she’s using it for her own political gain.  Well, she hopes, anyway.

What do you think she’d do if she wins the presidency?  Will she stop trade with China?  Not on your life.  China cannot be ignored.  She’s too big and too powerful.  She’ll go, hat in hand, just like all the others to promote trade.

That’s where our former Prime Minister had it right.  From back in 1993, he led trade missions to China and other ports of call.  He knew the power of the dragon.  I’m happy to say that, although our trade with the US has declined, our trade with China and other overseas countries has increased.  So it should be.  We were relying on the US as our main customer and, although they’re conveniently located next to us, their economy went south and who knows if they’ll ever recover.  We had no choice but to find other customers. 

Free trade.  Yeah, that’s a joke.  Well, it’s great as long as it’s going their way but the minute it isn’t, they want out.  It’s their way or the highway.  For me, put them on the back burner and look for business elsewhere.

It is estimated that about one million Americans live in Canada.  Some for business reasons, others are students.  I swear a good many come illegally, buy fake health cards and use our socialized medicine.  I say, let’s round them up and send them home.  I don’t want them in jail here.  That would mean our taxpayers’ money supporting them.

But to get back to Clinton, when we had the big power cut, her finger pointed north – it was our fault.  Even after it was proven to be the fault of the Ohio grid, she never apologized or even just corrected herself.  No, no Nanette.  Not Ms Clinton.

How about the 911 guys?  That finger pointed north claiming they came from Canada.  They didn’t.  In fact they came from within the US.  When is that finger-pointing going to stop?

Now, she’s going to revisit NAFTA.  Go right ahead, Hillary.  But why in your speeches are you saying you’re losing jobs to NAFTA.  You’re losing jobs to India and China.  Last time I looked, they were not in North America and certainly had nothing to do with NAFTA.  Now, I know your education system sucks.  I know most of Americans don’t know where Canada is.  I know you’re using their ignorance to convince them that we’re the culprits.

Oh the sadness of it all.

Folks, vote for Barak Obama.  Please tell me he’s different.

Well, that’s my rant for the day.  I feel better now.

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