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Country Snow Storm

Wow, I woke up to the first snow storm of the winter. Don’t you love it? I couldn’t contain myself and went outside to take pictures, so here they are.IMG_2699IMG_2691IMG_2692IMG_2694

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Our New Life In Hastings

It has now been over a week since our sojourn into unknown territory.  We are suffering from a permanent case of exhaustion.  It has been years, if ever, that I have physically worked so hard, lifting, hoisting.  Oh the movers were great but we moved a lot of things ourselves such as china, crystal, silver, pictures.  Even now, we still have many things to do.  There are still boxes everywhere and so much we can’t find.

Yesterday, I did laundry all day long, well, at least until I ran out of water.  I freaked.  Charlie called the previous owners.  Luckily, they live just down the hill from us.  Malcolm, a transplanted Brit, came right away.  He laughed and said to make a cup of tea and, by the time we’ve had it, the water will have come back.  What do I know about wells and how they work?  Just like he said, the water did come back.  OK, lesson learned.  Don’t panic if you’ve overused the well. 

Last Wednesday was Canada Day.  Big doings in little Hastings.  Parades, fireworks, food, music supplied by “Friendly Fire”.  Speakers included MP for the area whose name I forgot – as well as MPP, whose name I also forgot and local councellors making the usual “how great it is to be Canadian” speaches.  Speaking of councellors, we met the councellor, Camille Edwards, who was the previous owner before Malcolm.  She is a lovely lady and it was herself and her late husband who gutted this house and brought it up to code.  They also spared no expense with regards to carpeting, appliances, etc.  Everything is top-of-the-line.  Mind you, I will be making some changes but not major ones.  Camille promised to visit soon.

So, to get back to Canada Day celebrations, because of our exhaustion, we were too late of the parade, although we could hear the music from our property.  We walked to the village and were in time for the speaches, like I said.  We bought some hamburgers and drinks, parked our kiesters by the river and I took pictures.  Later, we had a beer at the Italian restaurant, then slowly made our way home.   Still later, we heard the fireworks and watched them from our porch.  I have to say, it was an impressive sight considering the size of the town.  We were both impressed.

Yesterday, it was July 4th and the American Independence Day.  We’d gone to bed when we heard the fireworks.  Well, there were plenty of American yachts by the Marina and I guess they had their celebrations too.  And so ends the first week of our new life.CRW_5810CRW_5811


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