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Country Snow Storm

Wow, I woke up to the first snow storm of the winter. Don’t you love it? I couldn’t contain myself and went outside to take pictures, so here they are.IMG_2699IMG_2691IMG_2692IMG_2694

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Suddenly It’s Autumn

It’s been a while since I last posted partly because the novelty of felling trees and scraping roofs has waned. Since the weather has turned cooler, we’ve been concentrating on weatherstripping every little crevice. We’re having fun. Charlie being the kind of man he is, did an incredible job fixing and insulating the basement windows. They look so tidy now. What a difference. You can’t believe how nice a bedrock cellar can look when it’s cleaned up.

The other night we had a bad storm. The trees were just whipped this way and that, rain coming down in buckets. I had to go outside and rescue one of my potted mums. It had just been blown from the pedestal and was rolling this way and that. Frankly, it doesn’t look very good anymore. With all that, the bedrock cellar was dry as a bone.

I’ve got a pain in my left heel. It seems a little better this morning but boy, was I ever crippled these last few days. Being a person that thinks if you ignore it, it will go away, I did just that. However, it’s hard to ignore searing pain when you’re trying to walk.

I’m learning something about country life. It’s a lot more lay-back than city life. What I mean is nobody seems to be in any great hurry to do stuff. Case in point, I put an ad on the net that I had firewood for sale. (Remember all those felled trees)? Well, a guy came soon enough to pay for the cord but it’s now a week later and he still hasn’t pick it up. Another example, we gave away the oil tank in the cellar. It took a month before the guys finally came to pick it up and it was free. Oh well, maybe some day I’ll learn to become more lay-back, too.

I took a picture of the outside at night.night shot
But I went around the house and shot some nature shots since I always seem to be taking the shots of the front of the house.  So here are some fall colours as they appear today.

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