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Can We Talk?

All Hell is Breaking Lose Over Universal Healthcare

How stupid is this?  “No, I do not wish to be covered.  I wish to die rather than have medical attention”. 

Since it’s still cold outside and my seeds haven’t arrived yet, I thought I’d put in my two cents regarding our dear neighbour to the south.  I have to believe that it’s only a few people that are against socialized medicine.  Honestly.  If you hear me call them morons, don’t be offended.  Those I’m referring to know who they are. 

Why all this kerfuffle?  I can only believe that a lot of folks in the Republican party will lose a lot of money from the pharmceutical and insurance lobbyists.  So, what’s all that screaming about – calling them baby killers and such?  And you wonder why I call you morons.  You’ve been so brainwashed for so many decades, you can’t think logically anymore – assuming you ever could, that is.  OK, that was bad.

I shouldn’t talk, really.  We went through the same thing in Canada back in the 50’s and early 60’s.  If it hadn’t been for a little man called Tommy Douglas, perhaps we’d be in the same situation as the US. Go HERE to read about him.  He had been a preacher before entering politics.  (BTW, he is the grandfather of Kiefer Sutherland.)  Poor Tommy and his CCF party went through the same hate mongering just like Obama and the Democrats are going through today.   A few years ago – 20 years or so after his death, he was voted “The Greatest Canadian” by a national consensus.  There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that he certainly was and still is.

I predict, years after Obama’s passing, he will be lauded as “The Greatest American”.

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