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Can We Talk?

Country Snow Storm

Wow, I woke up to the first snow storm of the winter. Don’t you love it? I couldn’t contain myself and went outside to take pictures, so here they are.IMG_2699IMG_2691IMG_2692IMG_2694

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Freshly Fallen Snow

Before I carry on in my usual way and because this year is about to come to an end, perhaps you would like to glimpse into the future. It’s worth a try. Anything to help predicting events in this unpredictable world in which we find ourselves.

Charlie, my conquering hero, has caught another mouse. That makes eight since June. I guess there’s no getting around it, in the country you get wildlife. In this instance, a mouse. Remember, he did kill a skunk last July.

Last Sunday was our anniversary and we celebrated it by going for brunch to the Elmhirst Resort. Oh, it was wonderful. It came pretty close to the Old Mill in Etobicoke, which I still consider the gold standard of brunches. We didn’t eat dinner, that’s how much we ate at Brunch.IMG_2680

Yesterday and last night, it snowed. It’s so pretty out there with the pure white snow on trees and shrubs. Charlie is outside shovelling, as we speak. Since I’ve taken off all the window coverings from upstairs, you can really appreciate the beauty of the freshly fallen snow. I know by February, I’ll be sick of the sight but for now, I love it, especially before Christmas.IMG_2682IMG_2688IMG_2690IMG_2687

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