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Can We Talk?

Sounds and Smells of Country

This morning I saw a red crested woodpecker. I didn’t know it was a red crested woodpecker until Charlie told me. I just thought it was a beautiful and unusual looking bird. It landed on the big, old Manitoba Maple and pecked away at it for a moment or so. I don’t think it stayed there but it was wonderful seeing it. While all this is happening, I kept hearing a loud squawking sound, similar to what you’d hear in commercials for Costa Rica and such. It did sound like it came from a jungle. We’ll have to get used to all the various noises of nature.

Since the day we killed that skunk and Charlie threw it over in the woods next to our property, we’ve been smelling skunk. Gee, why do we still smell it? It’s disgusting. I feel bad for the neighbours. What should we have done? Would it have helped had we buried it? I’ll bet it wouldn’t have made a difference.

Yesterday I bought a couple of pots of mums to decorate for fall.  I think it makes a statement that we care about our property.  I’ve had a lot of compliments.

Oh, there is another mouse in the house.  Do you think we could catch it?  Three times Charlie set the traps.  Three times the bastard ate the cheese and the peanut butter and left the trap undisturbed.  So Charlie bought “better” mousetraps, set the bait.  Nothing.  He didn’t even come by to eat the cheese or peanut butter or whatever.  The thought makes my skin crawl.  I know this is country but it should be “clean” country, like in the movies.  Right?

Also, Charlie hurt his knee.  He twisted it while mowing the lawn and now he’s hobbling.  Poor baby.  He’ll have to take it easy for a while.

Today we went for a drive after lunch.  We ended up at the nearest Indian Reservation and went into their arts and crafts store.  Real great merchandise.  Love it.  I made friends with the owner and she promised to have some seeds for me.  She had wonderful plant material including tobacco plants which are beautiful and smell real nice.  Also Indian corn.  I want all that growing, not just the stuff everyone else has – like mums, for instance.

So now we were watching 60 minutes and they’re talking about Afghanistan and increase of troops, etc.  Made me sick.  Why the hell can’t they just go home and leave people alone.  How would they like to be invaded like that?  I had great hopes for Obama.  Now, he’s looking like all the rest.


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