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The Boys In The ‘Hood

Mike across the street, who works for Parks and Recreation, suggested I come down to the river to take pictures of them taking down a barge.  I did but came too late due to the HVAC guy taking up so much of my time.  So, by the time I got there, they’d finished with that barge and were moving on to another. 

I took off across the bridge and around to where I thought they’d be.  While doing this, I inadvertently went on an adventure.  I discovered some beautiful properties all hidden away and out of sight of the main road.  Wow, little Hastings is full of surprises, isn’t it? 

I stopped at a house and asked for directions to the barge. The man in questioned guided me well and away I went.  I drove down this narrow dirt lane and parked.  Then I walked up a narrower dirt path which brought me to the edge of a cliff looking over the river.  On the barge were several young boys, happily jumping and diving into the river.  (I was glad none of them were my sons as it was a deep drop to the river below) I started snapping pictures and got a few – even of of an osprey in her nest although it was far away and very high.  My 70-200mm lens couldn’t bring it in enough for a clear shot. 

Anywho, I thought I’d include some shots I took.On Bargetaking the plunge

the trentosprey in her nestafter the swim

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