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Can We Talk?

The Re-enactment

So, after having been so impressed with my niece’s grace and beauty at her “wedding”, I discovered she had already married him two days prior and this was just – what? A ruse? A joke on the rest of us? What? A re-enactment, that’s what. I resent it. It shows lack of respect. And the creepy minister was in on it, too.

She told her mother she had wanted a small, intimate wedding. Then, have your small, intimate wedding. Then why have a big affair? To suck bigger presents out of an unsuspecting group? Well, she didn’t succeed with me. I gave what I would have given in any case. But others spent bundles, that I know.

Starting a marriage like that is bad karma, but it’s her karma. On the other hand, I just read this about another wedding I thought was even more bizarre.

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