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Can We Talk?

The Tragedy of Alzheimer’s

My mother used to be so much fun to have around. That was long ago. She was quick-witted. She kept a clean house. She was a good cook. She was very successful in real-estate.

Her personal life was the shits. She was widowed from husband number 1, divorced from husband number 2 and split from long time lover. I noticed her deterioration most after her split from her boyfriend. By now she was in her late sixties and this would be the first time in her life that she would be alone.

A sadness came over her. She ended up living with my sister and her husband for six months of the year. The other six months she spent in Florida. That went on for a few years until her health would not allow her to spend half the year in Florida, so she spent all her time with her daughter and son-in-law.

It was not a happy arrangement. She wanted to be included in everything and then would want to dominate the conversation. Well, she had been a strong woman in her day. Old habits are hard to break.

By the time that marriage dissolved, Mother was well into her 70’s. As with such things, the house went up for sale and Mother had to find another place to live. So, for the first time in her life, she got an apartment on her own. However, she seemed to adjust reasonably well. She was active in her club and kept in touch with her friends.

Her glaucoma, which she had neglected, took it’s toll. She started to lose sight in both her eyes. Her driver’s licence was taken from her. That seemed to be the final straw. She became more and more despondent. She started to forget things on the stove. Her behaviour became bazaar. Finally, she ended up in a home.

When I asked what medication they were giving her, I was told Tylenol. That was a lie. Tylenol does not change your personality. From what I’ve heard from the nurses, she’s had several outbursts at the home. She’s had to be sedated. Most recently, she has been confined to a wheelchair. She stares into space. More often than not, she doesn’t remember me.

Oh God. What has happened to Mommy?

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