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Toronto is Going to the Dogs

First of all, condos are going up helter-skelter.  There doesn’t seem to be any planning.  Even the Dome, or Rogers Centre, is being obscured by the damned condos.  Who buys those monstrosities, anyway?  Most of them are so tiny, they’re more like efficiency suites in hotels.  You can’t really live in them in the true sense.  Who can live in 500 square feet, I ask you?  It’s OK for a couple of weeks while on vacation but forever? 

And then there are the, so-called, homeless.  They are everywhere.  They are like an outbreak of acne on the face of Toronto.  Where did they all come from?  They weren’t there a few years ago. 

A cop friend of mine told me, as a rookie, he would try to lift them off the ground and put them in the cruiser, he felt so sorry for them.  His partner, a veteran cop, only kicked them awake and had them get in the cruiser unassisted.  Once taken to a shelter, the cruiser had to be fumigated because these people are lice-infested.  If you happen to touch them, then smell your hands, you realize just how filthy they are.  As for my friend, after having to be deloused from having handled one of them, he only kicked them awake from that day on.

Why are we subjected to them?  They are ruining our tourist industry, not to mention our reputation as a clean, orderly city.  I understand that a lot of them were former inmates at the mental hospital on Queen Street.  Seems some bleeding hearts thought they should integrate in society.  For what purpose?  To make the rest of us miserable?  

It’s not like there are no options.  We have countless shelters.  We have welfare.  Would someone explain to me why there are still vagrants around who prefer to sleep on the sidewalk, even in the dead of winter, where we can trip over them? And what do the bleeding hearts do?  They ask for sleeping bags so these pimples can keep warm in the winter.  Give me a break.

Get them in some kind of a compound, equipped with beds and bathrooms, with a fence around the property.  If they still want to sleep outside, they can sleep in the yard in their sleeping bags.  Keep them off the streets and away from the rest of us.

Just as an aside, I have never seen a person-of-colour vagrant.  Each and everyone I’ve seen has been white. 

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