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Can We Talk?


Last Sunday I watched a lot of television.  Why, you ask?  Well, I’ll tell ya.  I got hooked on the UFO documentaries.  I just couldn’t tear myself away.  Beautiful day outside but I stayed in – glued to the TV.

What impressed me were the many reports given by pilots, NASA and the like.  Wow – although a lot of it was either simulated or just lots of lights in the night sky.  But it was the reports from the planes’ black-boxes that so intrigued me.  These guys were not crazy, drunk or hallucinating – they were alert and aware.  So, what were these objects in the sky?

The reports went on to say that they appeared after WWII.  It was after this time that the reports started pouring in.  But I have evidence that something was going on way before then.  The following is an excerpt from the diary of Meredith Conn of Tyrconnell, Ontario, Canada.  You can view his actual handwritten journal in the historical library of St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada.

“April 29th, 1859.  About eight o’clock p.m., there appeared in the east, near the horizon, a luminous spot in the firmament.  It moved slowly toward the west, and increased in size, until it seemed opposite my place of residence.  It then seemed to be stationary.  It had, by this time, increased to an enormous size.  To the naked eye, it seemed to be about a mile in length, broad in the centre and ending in a narrow point at both extremities, very near the shape of a parabolic spindle.  It was very brilliant and it was a heavenly evening.  The sky was very clear, the stars shone very bright and there was not a cloud to be seen.  The phenomenon lasted about an hour from its first appearance and then vanished.  At this time, I had never heard of, or seen, such a long curved streak or body of light.  It resembled a deep reflection from some luminous body of fire or electricity.  My mind was deeply impressed with its appearance – coming from the east, going to the west and stopping near the zenith where I was.”

Being the religious fella that he was, he felt it was a sign from God to examine his soul.  Well, maybe.  Or maybe it was an alien ship hovering over the land.  Or maybe there is a scientific explanation of this particular phenomenon.  If you know something about this, let’s have it.

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