Can We Talk?

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Can We Talk?

Veiled Women Voting

Well, I don’t think that’s right, do you?  If they can cast their votes while hiding their faces, then I can wear a false nose and glasses and go vote.  Come on.

I don’t give a sweet you-know-what about religion and all that hocus-pocus.  What’s right is right.  It’s bad enough they run around with the head scarf and such.  No style.  No class.  Women held in bondage – looking unattractive.  Why?  So nobody will look at them?  In fact, it has the opposite effect.  Everybody looks at them.  Enslavement – self imposed.  Good night.  Meanwhile, their men can do what they want.  Drink, screw around.  Oh, that’s OK for them to do.

Come on, ladies.  Get a life.  Go shopping. Set yourself free.

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