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Can We Talk?

Women v Men and other diversions

Is it just me or is everybody getting tired of the male bashing jokes? OK, OK, women are great and men are jerks. Stupid jerks, to boot. But just like everything else, there comes a time when those jokes are no longer funny. I’m tired of the commercials that depict men as incompetent oafs that can’t even change a roll of toilet paper. IT’S ENOUGH, ALREADY.I’m also sick of hearing about sexual abuse. What is sexual abuse? When one abuses sex? What is that? If that’s the case, just about everybody I’ve ever known would fall into that category. Spell it out or shut up. Reminds me of the fact that the phrase “chauvenist” is thrown about but I’ll bet nobody can define “chauvenist”. 

Back to sexual abuse. If they don’t get into specifics, it sounds phony and just another ploy to suck money out of some poor (make that rich) oaf. The poor ones never get accused of sexual abuse. No point. Can’t get any money out of them, anyway.

How about bipolar? That used to be called manic depressive. Maybe somebody didn’t like the word “manic”. Too close to maniac, perhaps? So they changed it to two poles. North and South? Which one is the manic one?

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